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How to communicate with the police in Georgia

You ordered car rental in Georgia, but think about what kind of police service there, whether it takes a bribe and do what you face meeting with the guardian of order in Georgia. Here we tell you how to behave in Georgia, what is the police.

Most importantly, do not commit unlawful acts against the rule of law in the country of Georgia. Police in Georgia is the one who will come to the rescue. If you have any problem, the first to whom it is necessary to address is the police. These guys will assist you in standard and non-standard situations. Even if you just rude to the cafe, the police are always around to help and will be on the side of law.

Do not argue with the police, if you happened a traffic violation. You get lost? Refer to the police patrol, and they will gladly help you, pointing the way, and take you to the right place.

Never and nowhere offer a bribe to policemen, this may result a criminal liability for you and you will be dressed in handcuffs.

If happened a minor casus, say they you are a tourist and police will help you but do not punish. But if you were fined, pay for it, because you simply produce at the border, and if you do not have time to do that, your name is forever fall into the police database and the most embarrassing moment of crossing the border, even in transit, you will find yourself in an awkward position.

Police patrols in Georgia very many, it's road patrols, foot patrols. Car ride patrols in the cities, on highways and even in remote mountainous areas. In addition, the police have video consoles, due to which not only fixed but also to prevent the offense.

The worst violations is the conversation on a cell phone while driving and not usage of seat belt.

Make friends with the police, and car rental in Georgia will help you with any question.

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