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Adjarian cuisine, this should be tried

If you came to Georgia and decided to visit Adjara, for sure you will be at the restaurant, do not miss the chance and try the dishes of Adjara cuisine; it has its own peculiarities.

What is worth trying and ordering:

  1. Adjarian khachapuri - dough in the form of a boat with cheese filling inside with the addition of butter and eggs. Very tasty and nourishing, you can be well-fed full only eating this dish. In the restaurant is offered small, large and medium Adjarian khachapuri. For two people it is quite enough to have a small khachapuri, the size is quite large. Approximate cost of Adjarian khachapuri: - small 3 dollars, average 4-5 dollars, big - 6-7 dollars
  2. Chirbuli - snack from fried eggs, along with walnuts and greens. Approximate cost - 4-5$
  3. Borano - melted cheese in oil. Cost - 3$
  4. Achma is a kind of khachapuri made of puff pastry, something between khachapuri and Italian lasagna. Cost - 1-2$
  5. Sinori - a dish of non-yeast cottage cheese cakes. Cost - 3$
  6. Mchadi - flat cake from corn flour. Cost
  7. Kuruti - a dish of cottage cheese, corn flour and cream, made in the form of a flat cake. This dish is not baked, but listens in the sunlight. Cost - 2-3$
  8. Pahalava - puff pastry with nuts in sweet syrup. Cost - 1$
  9. Kozinaki - a dessert of honey and nuts. Cost - 1$
  10. Chiri - dried fruits. Cost 1-6$
  11. Pelamushi - grape juice thickened with flour, dessert. Cost -2-4$
  12. Churchehel - nuts strung on a string and covered with grape juice and flour. Cost – 1-2$

Bon Appetit.

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