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To Telavi for 1 day

Usually in Telavi people go for 2 days or more, but if you have for this only one day, then this route is for you. The route includes most of the attractions to Telavi, a short time in the city and a return trip.

There are two main ways in Telavi:

  1. Through the Gombori Pass
  2. Through the Gurjani Pass

Within the framework of this article, we are considering a route through the Gombori pass, if you are going to go through the Gurjani Pass, your tour will be combined with a visit to Sighnaghi.

Our route:

  1. Leave Tbilisi, after 50 km of the way we look at the fortress of Ujarma, the time of the trip to the fortress from Tbilisi is 1 hour, the time for the fortress 20 minutes
  2. The village of Sasadilo, travel time 20-30 minutes, 20 km from the fortress. Sasadilo is translated from Georgian as a "snack bar", but this does not mean that you will be in a village of food, there is no restaurant, such a snack bar without snacks. This place is interesting because you can see the (Cold) mountain during the trip. The mountain was called the Cold because on the one side the mountain is covered with vegetation, and on the other - absolutely naked.
  3. After passing the Gombori pass, you will see subalpine meadows, here there is no vegetation other than grass, very similar to the Alps, and from here you can already observe the Caucasian ridge.
  4. Stop on the spring - drink key cold water
  5. Stop near two Shuamta monasteries, one is old, one is new. Shuamta translates "between the mountains", the time you spend here 30-40 minutes.
  6. Telavi - a walk through Telavi, usually here tourists always stay overnight and then continue the journey. Since you have a one-day tour, make lunch and go back - the road takes about 2 hours.

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