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The city of Telavi is located in the heart of Kakheti and in the valley of the Iori and Alazani rivers. The first mention of the settlement dates back to the 1st century AD. Telavi was an important trading point, which was crossed by caravans from the countries of the Middle East to Europe. The second half of the XIII century was marked by the Mongol-Tatar invasions, the city was almost destroyed. But until the XV century, the city was restored, and it even gained the status of an independent kingdom. In Telavi, there are many fortresses, cathedrals and monasteries that you should not miss when you visit this city.

Alaverdi Cathedral

In the small settlement of Alaverdi is located the monastery of St. George. The uniqueness of this temple lies in the fact that there are paintings made in the XV century. Today, the monastery keeps the relics of Joseph (who built and illuminated the temple), as well as Nina Cappadocian. Visitors can look at the walls, wine cellar, the refectory of the monastery, as well as the baths. The monastery is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Tsinandali village

In the village of Tsinandali is a manor that once belonged to the prince and Georgian poet Ilya Chavchavadze. On the territory of the estate there is a beautiful garden. During his travelling around Georgia, Alexander Pushkin even stayed here. In addition to the estate, here you can see how Kakhetian wine is produced.

Algetskyi reservoir

The total amount of the reservoir is 65 million cubic meters. At the moment, this system serves as an irrigation of the territory of Tbilisi-Kumisi. On the reservoir a hydroelectric station is going to be built.


This city is located in the east of Kakheti. Known for the fact that on its territory there is a fortress of the same name - the most famous in Georgia. Despite the fact that the city survived the multiple attacks of the invaders, the walls of the fortress are in good condition to this day.

Wine Museum

Kakheti is considered the main wine-growing region of Georgia. On the territory of the museum are represented not only grape vines growing in Georgia, but also species brought from other countries. In total there are up to 400 species of vines. The museum hosts wine tasting, where visitors can taste wines produced at the local Schumi factory. Red, white, dry, semi-sweet wines and Chacha - everything for every taste.

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