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Secrets of Georgia or why this country is the pearl of Europe

Forget about Milan, Berlin and all the rest! Go to Georgia instead. (By this, Hire`s editors do not mean flying to Atlanta to enjoy student football.) Georgia is also a small Caucasian country that borders Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan - a hidden treasure between Eastern Europe and Western Asia. We recommend visiting this country far not by chance. Here are five main reasons why you should book a ticket and explore Tbilisi, Georgia – right now.

Calorie cuisine

Over the past few years, a wave of Georgian restaurants has become a hit in Europe. And there is no doubt why this Eastern European cuisine became known throughout Europe. In addition to broth stuffed with meat dumplings, called khinkali, or badridani nigvzit - eggplant rolls with nuts and garlic. A perfect example of excellent national delicacy, rich in calories, is khachapuri adzharili. In this dish, the bread has the form of a pinched boat stuffed and baked with traditional Georgian cheese called suluguni, topped with a melted piece of butter and a raw egg, and then mixed in a snack bar. You can also choose a simple khachapuri. This dish is guaranteed to leave you satisfied and full. Best way to finish your lunch / dinner? A sip of Georgian wine is a tradition to drink it from a clay vessel.

Go to the Old Town

The old city of Tbilisi looks untouched from its ancient Byzantine origin. The 12th-century Metekhi Church is at the top of the cliff, while in the foreground are houses covered with a layer of basic color, and the buildings look as if they can merge with the Mtkvari River. Coming back, be sure to take a look at the famous puppet show of the city of Rezo Gabriadze. Also, do not forget to look at the sky when you go: traditional Georgian houses are known for their high-pitched, filigree architecture when it comes to balconies.

The exciting heart of Georgia at the ballet

Ready for ballet? Welcome to the Georgian National Ballet named by Sukhishvili. You will see non-sophisticated pirouettes like Swan Lake or fragile ballerinas. We mean swords and shields! Founded by ballet dancers Iliko Sukhishvili and Nino Ramishvili in 1945 (previously called the “Georgian National Ballet”), the Georgian dance style is something intense and even a little rough filled with testosterone and then - almost like a warm-up for cardio swinging arms in traditional Georgian clothes.

Down-Low Spa: Sulfur Baths

Need to get used to changing time zones? The fastest medicine is to plunge into the Georgian version of the Turkish hammam or Russian bath: sulfur bath. Built on hot sulfur springs, the baths invite visitors to plunge into warm egg-flavored pools to rejuvenate. It is said that the ancient tradition has magical healing properties, from the treatment of muscle pain to cleansing the skin. And you do not need deep pockets to enjoy this moment: a typical price ranges from $20 to $70. If you want a luxurious treatment, you can rent a private bath with a private massage room and sauna, where you can sweat.

Where to stay: hotel rooms

The place to stay is Rooms Hotel, or, as locals say, Rooms. Rooms is a part of the Design Hotels franchise, which includes Ludlow Hotel and Crosby Street Hotel. The interior has an atmosphere of high ground: antique carpets, plush sofas for relaxing and a very well-equipped library. Are you hungry or thirsty? For a moderate fee, the hotel can offer you everything to your taste.

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