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It is better to rent a car from a local company

In the framework of this publication, we will try to answer the questions, why when dialing requests

It is better to choose a local company, how to save money and why we are the best.

Ordering a car for rent, o lot of people think what is better: to order a car at an international rental or take a car at a local company.

International car rental companies that have their own office in Georgia:

  1. Sixt
  2. Avis
  3. Hertz
  4. Europcar

The standard arguments are "for" and "against", which have tourists.

I'm "for" an international car rental company and "against" the local:

  1. These are international standards, if not - I will always complain

    We are 100% agreeable with you, but all international standards are reduced to just a few parameters:

    • Cleaner clothing manager
    • Clean car
    • Fresh car
    • Possibility to get a car at the airport

    All these parameters you will find in 90% of rental companies around the world, which are not included to any brand.

  2. It's reliability, I will get my deposit back and there will not be any problems

    Each office of an international company works separately (under a franchise agreement), you can independently open a car rental office by purchasing a ready-made business model. The office in Moscow is not responsible for the actions of the office in Tbilisi, it's just different companies working under the same signboard, but you have the false impression that they all work as one company, that means everything is powerful, transparent and reliable.

  3. All the regulations are strictly observed - everything will be fine

    With international reservations, yes, at the place - not always. The procedure for issuing, receiving - yes, but the system of work and the service itself may differ from the country.

  4. A local company may deceive

    Both local and international can deceive. Even very frequent cases of fraud in international companies, where a large influx of tourists, and all hired managers can easily deceive you. In a local company, you are likely to be served by several people and everything will be transparent and hospitable.

  5. For example, I visited Georgia and took a car from the local; I was deceived now where can I file a complaint?

    If you make a complaint to the Moscow office of an international company, do not think that it will solve your problems with the company in Tbilisi, the maximum that they can make is to draw up a complaint, but you can do on the company's website, or you can immediately be told that you have to file a complaint through the website. What then is the principle of offices? Only in the number of points of sale and brand recognition, but not the protection of the client.

Now about the important! Since there is a brand, you always ask for big money for renting a car, much bigger than a local company.

We analyze our site and websites of our competitors of international car rental companies in Georgia: Sixt, Hertz, Avis, Europcar.

We take the accounting period for the receipt and return of the car in the office in Tbilisi from 02.10.2017 to 09.10.2017. All prices are in GEL for the entire rental period

Regarding our car rental, we took standard prices without discounts of early booking.

Having looked at the photos of the prices you will also be able to see that Avis offers to rent Camry 96, which is out of production since 2012, so it's already at least a 5 year old car, there is a gap in the template standards.

Car rental company, price in GEL per 7 days period of car rental
Car Avis Europcar Hertz Sixt
1 Kia Picanto, Nissan Micra
504 778.37

On the site it is impossible to make an order and calculate the price, we did not succeed in 15 minutes, in reality the prices are the same as those of other international companies


On the site it is impossible to make an order and calculate the price, we did not succeed in 15 minutes, in reality the prices are the same as those of other international companies

2 Hyundai Accent, Nissan Tiida
588 - 1097.14
3 Toyota Corolla, VW Jetta
840 1135.8 1217.14
4 Honda Accord, Toyota Camry
924 1627.51 1508.57
5 Renault Duster, Mitsubishi Pajero IO
706 1309 1388.57
6 Toyota RAV4
1008 - 1714.3
7 Toyota LC 200, Toyota Prado
- 1627.51 2434.3
8 Hyundai H1, Toyota Sienna
1008 - 2245.7

Now you make sure that instead of Kia Picante, you can rent in our company Toyota Corolla and feel the real drive from the car, and not just use a mini car for the price of a full-size car.

Also, we recommend for reading our article on the main page of the site, where you can find 21 reasons for choosing a car in our company.

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