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Reasons to visit Georgia

Georgia is one of the most ancient countries of the world with a rich history and its past. It is situated in the South Caucasus, on the eastern shore of the Black Sea. The territory of modern-day Georgia has been continuously inhabited since the Early Age. The ancient Georgian kingdoms of Colchis and Iberia flourished during the classical antique period and gave rise to the common Georgian culture. There are many reasons to visit Georgia, such as its long history, good wines and a unique alphabet. Let's look at them in more detail.

One of the oldest countries in the world

First of all, Georgia is one of the oldest countries in the world. This country dates back to the 12th century BC. Christianity in Georgia appeared in the 1st century.

As a result of archaeological excavations in Dmanisi, the skull was found to be 1.8 million years old, which is the oldest one in the whole Europe. This finding played an important role in understanding human evolution. Archaeologists also found several labor tools nearby. After they found more skulls, scientists called this type of man "Homo Georgicus", and the Georgians named them Mzia (female) and Zeva (male).


The next important thing about Georgia is that it is the birthplace of wine. In Georgia, there is a history of winemaking, which began 7000-8000 years ago. The oldest grape seeds were found in Georgia with cultivated vines. Winemaking is the oldest tradition and trade in Georgia. There are 525 different wine species in Kakheti region in Georgia. Method of winemaking in Kvevri gained its popularity around the world and in 2013 UNESCO included this method to the list of intangible cultural monuments.

Georgian alphabet

And last but not least, we would like to tell you something else about Georgian writing. Foreigners often ask Georgians if there are any similarities with other alphabets, and they are always happy and proud that their language and writing are unique because their origin is not related to any other alphabet in the world. Georgian language belongs to the Iberian-Caucasian language group. About 4,000 years ago, Georgians spoke Old Georgian, which is very different from today Georgian language. The Georgian alphabet was created in the 3rd century BC in the time of King Pharnavaz and with his help.

Are you interested? This article has reviewed only the most famous facts about Georgia. Explore other articles on our website to learn more about the culture of Georgia and its sights.

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