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Prometheus Cave

Another name for Prometheus Caves is Kumistavi. It is located 20 kilometers from Kutaisi. The cave was discovered in 1984, after which it became one of the main tourist sites in Georgia. The cave is considered a unique part of nature, and it is strictly protected.

The temperature in the cave is about 14-15 degrees Celsius, and it remains the same despite the change of seasons, so everyone who wants to visit it is recommended to wear a warmer dress.

Why was the cave named after the hero of ancient Greek myths?

According to legend, it was inside this cave that Prometheus was chained, and the eagle flew in every day and tormented his liver. The only difference is that in ancient Greek mythology, Prometheus was chained outside the cave, not inside.

The cave extends for 11 kilometers, but no more than 10% is accessible to visitors. The rest of the cave is guarded and the way to the closed passages is prohibited.

Despite this, a measured walk through the tunnels will take at least an hour.

Tourists can choose one of two excursions:

  1. Walking tour through the tunnels.
  2. Riding in a boat on an underground river.

On the way you will meet many stalactites and stalagmites, which are located throughout the cave. They are illuminated with special LED lamps, and unobtrusive soothing music is playing in the cave. In complex, all this creates a light-music performance made by German engineers and technicians.

Wedding ceremony

There is a certain hall in the cave, it is also called the hall of love, since it was specially set aside for the wedding ceremonies. Indeed, you can get married right in Prometheus Cave.

Photo and video

Nobody forbids you to photograph or make video for everything that you see here. This is even appreciated, because, perhaps, when you show your photos taken in Prometheus Cave, your friends / colleagues will also want to visit this cave. And so you will attract more tourists.

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