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Crossing the border of Georgia, car rental abroad

You can order the rental car service outside the territory of Georgia. If earlier we provided cars for rent only on the territory of Georgia, then now it is possible to issue a car for traveling abroad.

We allow you to go by car to the most popular destinations, namely:

The service of traveling abroad of Georgia is not provided as basic, but is ordered additionally. Attempting to cross the border of Georgia on a rental car does not end there; you cannot do this without a corresponding document.

How much does the service abroad for Georgia cost? How to arrange everything?

For registration, we need documents on the driver. They need to be notarized, because the documents should be filed in advance. Be sure to make a prepayment, as we have the costs associated with the paperwork for this service.

Cost of departure services outside of Georgia:

  1. Paperwork for departure, notarized - $50
  2. Registration of additional insurance CASCO, for another country - $20-30 per day, for each day of stay
  3. Additionally at the border, customs will ask you to buy a Green card paid by you separately at the border.
  4. Left a double deposit for the car from the price that is listed in the price list.

We are not responsible for your ability and permission of a particular country for you, to cross the border or to cross the border by car. For example, when citizens of Georgia cross the border with Azerbaijan, they can ask for a pledge equal to the price of customs clearance of a car in Azerbaijan, citizens of the European Union are not asked for - this is the internal policy of each state, which we cannot influence.

In the event of an accident in the territory of another state, you pay for a tow truck to the border of Georgia at your own expense. The accident must be registered with the competent authorities of the receiving state.

We also cannot answer, for the policy of the state, the corruption component that may arise in other states, in contrast to Georgia. Be careful, you should keep the letter of the Law and not violate the law.

If you find a mistake or want to supplement the route, write to us: , To order a car rental in Georgia, use the order form on the main page of the site or call us on +995-571-951-951

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