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Botanical Garden in Batumi

Georgia is a very pleasant place to travel especially in the spring when everything is green and the trees are covered with leaves and flowers - everything is blooming. That is why we consider this place the most important one to visit during your stay in Batumi.

The best of the best

Georgia has lots of garden but Batumi botanical garden is the unique one, as it contains the flora which is so different and unique to this country. Only some small percent of it belongs to the Georgian native climate. Due to its location on a wooded hill overlooking the Black Sea, in the garden there are many beautiful viewing platforms. In order to see it all, you will need to stay there at least for half of the day and maybe this will not be enough as you will be charmed by the nature. On each side of the garden there are two beaches, the first one at the main entrance, and the second near the north end.

The Batumi Botanical Garden is located 9 km north of the city of Batumi in Mtsvane Kontskhi (“Green Cape”) and covers an area of 111 hectares.

A bit of history

It took a lot of time to create Batumi Botanical Garden with all its special trees and bushes. In 1881, D'Alfons planted here palm trees, oleanders, olive trees, cypresses and cedars, ordered from France. Currently, the oldest part of the park, founded by D'alfons, is called the Lower Park.

ext, another man worked at the creating the garden and he is considered the main creator, Russian botanist Andrei Nikolaevich Krasnov in the 1880s, officially opened on November 3, 1912. The garden is beautiful all year round, but especially in spring, when trees and bushes bloom. The garden collection includes 2037 taxonomic units of plants, including 104 of Caucasian origin.


Ticket for adults: 8 GEL. Guide services cost 30 GEL. The money you spent is worth it, believe us.

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