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Batumi, canyon and caves of Kutaisi for 2 days

A trip that combines visiting of Batumi and its beauty, as well as recreational, natural rest, beautiful views in the vicinity of Kutaisi. Very interesting in the city and cool in nature in the canyons.

The first day of the trip - Batumi

Leave the hotel at 09 am. You will spend most of the walk by foot. The car will only need to cut some distances, although you can take a bus or taxi for such short distances. Many hikes can be moved in the evening, it will not be so hot, but if your trip is in spring or late autumn and just want the sun, then go to the boulevard, embankment and etc in the afternoon.

1. Batumi fish market - nothing special, but there you can buy fish and seafood at an attractive price and immediately take care a delicious dinner, because the fish is not only sold there, it is cleaned, fried - to reach 20 minutes, in the market spend also 20 minutes.

2. Batumi seaport - if you are interested to see what a seaport and how it functions. It is located next to the market, 20 minutes for inspection.

If you do not want a fish dinner and the port is not very interesting to you, then immediately remove these items from your visiting list.

3. Cable car to the mountain monastery – it is near the port. Especially good to visit in clear weather, you see the whole of Batumi, on the top you will find a large observation deck, a restaurant and a cafeteria. If there is no queue - rise 10 minutes, without a cafe 30 minutes at the top and descent back.

4. Chacha Tower - is at the beginning of the embankment, the issuing of a free Chacha does not always operate.

5. Statue of Ali and Nino - also located at the beginning of the embankment, the futuristic style of the monument that moves, two figures of male and female origin.

6. Batumi Ferris wheel - one of the symbols of Batumi.

7. Tower with the Georgian alphabet - a modern building with a restaurant and all the letters of the Georgian alphabet, there is a lift for lifting to the last floor.

The Chacha Tower, statues, a Ferris wheel and the Tower with the alphabet are nearby, all within walking distance of 2-5 minutes from each other. You will spend for inspection of everything just 40 minutes, without a lift to the tower or riding on the wheel.

8. Batumi Boulevard - the embankment of the sea with bike paths, a wide road for the promenade, palm trees that shine at night, the duration of the order of 10 km.

9. The wedding palace + fountains - a modern wedding palace in the form of a tail of a swan, with an area with fountains and bridges over fountains that liked by the children.

For 8-9, with the road from the wheel, you will spend 1 hour walking.

We pass in the depth of the city from the Palace of Marriage, only 10 minutes, we look:

10. Neptune Fountain - is located near the theater in the center of Batumi, a fountain with gilding, reminiscent of the buildings of Ancient Greece - 10 minutes for inspection.

11. Europe Square - a restored square with a fountain in the center of Batumi, next to the government of Adjara.

12. Astronomical clock - one of the symbols of the city, a clock that shows astronomical figures, instead of time - 5 minutes walk from Fountain and 5 minutes there.

13. Old Batumi - the streets of old Batumi we move to Piaza and the Church of St. Nicholas - 20 minutes from the Clock.

14. Church of St. Nicholas - one of the attractions, a small church is built in a magnificent style. It is good to visit the Mosque in the Turkish Quarter and the building of the Synagogue. The church inspects 10 minutes, if we want to go to the Mosque and the Synagogue, it's 10-20 minutes on foot.

15. Piazza - hotel and square, a copy of the Venetian Square San Marco, here hotels, restaurants, and every evening plays live music and dance tourists - opposite the church of St. Nicholas, very beautiful in the evening. There are good, but not cheap restaurants.

16. Park May 6 - Park in the city center, near the dolphinarium with a lake and boats for skating, attractions for children, a fountain. It is better to get there 2-4 stops by bus, you can walk, but it's about 1 hour.

17. Dolphinarium - wonderful views and swimming with dolphins. In the season it is worth to book tickets in advance, for 3-7 days. If you go to the show, then it's about 2 hours, riding a dolphin on a separate day and a separate time.

We pass from the park or dolphinarium 2 stops by bus or on foot for about 30 minutes and inspect:

18. Batumi McDonalds is a futuristic building with hanging gardens, very modern and attractive - 20 minutes.

19. Singing fountains and laser show - 10 minutes walk from McDonald's, it's better to come at 22-00, there is a laser show, very beautiful. Here the building of the House of Justice and the modern Metro complex. New buildings start from here, we can walk up to 1 hour, visiting wonderful houses - 10 minutes.

20. New buildings in Batumi - new houses that have interesting architecture and are designed to amaze tourists. Among them: the building of justice, the inverted hotel, the Batumi towers, the Sheraton and Hilton hotels, the Colosseum hotel, a restaurant with an Arab tower - with a walk and a scatter of buildings 1-1.5 hours.

The second day - Kutaisi

Attention! The caves are closed on Monday and Tuesday.

Дeave from Batumi at 08 am, 2 - 2,5 hours on the road to the first stop.

1. Prometheus Cave - is beyond Kutaisi, a cave inspection (this is a large park) and exit from it on an underground river on a boat - 1,5 - 2 hours. Move on, up to 30 minutes on the road.

2. Reserve Sataplia - it is there left traces of dinosaurs - walk here 1-1,5 hours.

3. Lunch at the restaurant - 1 hour.

4. Martvil canyon with boating - 2 hours.

5. Gordy Canyon - located in the valley of the Okace River, there is a pedestrian suspension bridge, about 1 km long and about 140 meters high above the precipice. - get here 40 minutes and here we will spend up to 1 hour.

6. Return to Batumi - 2 hours on the road, we stay overnight in Kutaisi or go to Tbilisi 3 - 3.5 hours.

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Usually, when the tourists have more time than the Kakheti and Telavi is also visited, and the travelers return to Tbilisi by the other road, but with such a shortened itinerary, the best option is to return by the same road.

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