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Whole Svaneti in one day

It is quite an achievable goal to visit Svaneti and see all its beauties in one day, of course if you get acquainted with our detailed plan of a tour More

Tour to Bakuriani and its surroundings

One-day tour plan that includes sightseeing and observation of all Bakuriani landmarks More

Everything about Anaklia city

The most popular route in Anaklia and the city`s surroundings, a one day tour, you will find out how to manage everything for this amount of time if you follow the link More

Kobuleti city and its surroundings

When you read this article, you will find out how to have a rest in Kobuleti and see everything in one day that includes the city surroundings More

Whole Batumi and its Surroundings in 2 Days

See everything in Batumi in two days. We prepared for you the most interesting city landmarks, everybody will be interested in them More

Kutaisi and its Surroundings in 1 day

Do you want to visit Kutaisi but do not know where to start from? In this article you will find a detailed route of one-day excursion through the city More

Sighnaghi, Lagodekhi and Rustavi

A trip to Sighnaghi and Rustavi, as well as to Lagodekhi national park, getting acquainted with the landmarks of these regions in 3 days More

Gudauri, Kakheti, Samtskhe-Javakheti in 3 days

One of the most popular routes around Georgia, that includes Gudauri, Kakheti and Samtskhe-Javakheti, a three-day trip More

Batumi, Tbilisi, Mtskheta in 3 days

A visit to Batumi, Tbilisi and Mtskheta for 3 days, how to plan your three days to see all famous places of interest in these cities More

Vardzia and Ninotsminda in 2 Days

A trip to Vardzia and Ninotsminda for two days, a detailed examination of these two cities and getting acquainted with their places of interest More

Borjomi and its surroundings in two days

Visit Borjomi city as well as Borjomi-Kharagauli national park, a route for two days More

A Visit to David Gareja for One Day

Visit unique cave monastery complex David Gareja devoting it just one day More

Telavi and Tsinandali for two days

Visiting Telavi and Tsinandali, the most famous historic places of interest there, a trip for two days More

Stepantsminda, Ananuri, Gudauri for 3 days

The best visit and route that is made for tourists in the villages Gergeti and Gveleti (Stepantsminda), Georgian-Military road and Gudauri ski resort More

Sataplia, Prometheus Cave, Martvili Canyon in 2 days

Your own trip to Sataplia, Prometheus Cave and Martvili canyon, visit all of them in 2 days More

Tbilisi, Uplistsikhe, Gori and Mtskheta for 3 days

The planned 3-day-trip to Tbilisi, Uplistsikhe, Gori and Mtskheta, see the main places of interest of these cities More

Prometheus Cave, Tskaltubo and Okatse canyon

One-day trip to Prometheus cave, Tskaltubo resort with its healing waters, as well as untouched Okatse canyon More

Visiting Green Lake, Goderdzi Mountain Pass and Beshumi Resort

One-day trip: visiting Green Lake, Goderdzi mountain pass, having a rest on Beshumi resort More

Batumi Boulevard – the Oldest Place of Interest in the City

The oldest place of interest in Batumi – Batumi Boulevard or, as it is also called – Batumi Seaside Park that offers you to have a walk there More

Tsitsinatela: the Best Amusement Park in Georgia

Tsitsinatela – an amusement park, the most popular place for having a walk and fun together with the whole family, rest and rides for children and adults More

Monument History of Georgia – the Georgian Stonehenge

One of most important for the culture and history of Georgia monuments is “History of Georgia”, “Georgian Stonehenge” that has been built by Zurab Tsereteli for more than 20 years More

The Bridge of Peace – the Most Original Building in Tbilisi

The most interesting building in Georgia – a Bridge of Peace, why locals call it Always towel, as well as a message that encoded the architecture while creating the bridge More

Turtle Lake – the Best Place for Beach Resort

Turtle lake – one of the most remote places for a beach resort in Tbilisi, rent a car to get there with ease More

Kazbek – the Main Mountain of Caucasus

Get to the top of Kazbek mountain on a rented car, a legend about Kazbek mountain and why it is called in such a way More

Medea with Golden Fleece

The most famous sculpture in Batumi – the statue of Medea with Golden Fleece, how it was created, what this statue symbolizes and how you can get there More

Alaverdi Cathedral – the heart of Kakheti

The shrine of Kakheti – Alaverdi cathedral, the history of the cathedral, when and where it was built and how it looks nowadays. Rent a car in order to get to the cathedral More

A contrast between the cold Martvili canyon and thermal springs

the most famous Martvili canyon, swim in the cold water in the waterfall in 30 degrees Celsium and visit the thermal springs on your way back More

Alphabetic Tower

The main place of interest in Batumi and its visit card – Alphabetic Tower is known to everybody who was ta least once in Batumi. It is difficult to skip. It is a must for visiting More

Visiting Gudauri

The most famous ski resort is worth visiting to try yourself in the winter sports More


A male monastery Jvari – is a first Christian church that was built after Georgia became a Christian country More


Vardzia city – a popular cave city, a little bit about the history of the city: how it appeared, its prosperity and decay More

Gonio Fortress

Only very interesting details about Gonio fortress, legends about the fortress and why it is called Gonio Apsaros fortress More

Makhuntseti Waterfall

Everything about Makhuntseti, as well as about its surroundings, you will not be disappointed if you come to see it More


Ninotsminda is a small town that consists almost of one street, but nevertheless there is something worth coming to this town, what exactly you will find out from the article More


The resort city of Kobuleti is an alternative to Batumi, where you can also swim in the sea and sunbathe in the sun. What you can see in the city and its surroundings, as well as where to stay you can find here More


The urban-type settlement of Ureki is famous for its therapeutic magnetic sands, where many people come in the hope of recovering from diseases More


The resort town of Anaklia is located on the Black Sea coast. This is a modern resort city, although small, but corresponds with European standards. More

Prometheus Cave

Everything you would like to know about Prometheus Cave, where it is located, what tours are available to you More


The largest city in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region, Akhaltsikhe has a lot of historical places that you will like from the first sight More


In addition to curative springs, the resort town of Borjomi suggests visiting other sights of the city More


The most interesting sights of the city of Telavi, the history of the city from the time of its first mention to our times More


The city of Gori, is famous for being considered the birthplace of Stalin, also has a lot of historical sights, the most famous of which will be described in this article. More


Uplistsikhe is a fortress city, which was one of the first to emerge on the territory of Georgia and was the center of a pagan cult, before the adoption of Christianity by Georgia More

Botanical Garden in Batumi

The Batumi Botanical Garden is a unique natural corner with a rich and diverse flora, which is located in the town of Mtsvane Kontskhi. The garden is divided according to the principles of the legendary gardens of Semiramida and has 9 floristic zones. More

Georgia in one day

A selection of a variety of excursions, attractions and memorable places that you can visit, going to Georgia. Lifehacks how to explore several cities in one day More

Georgia in two days

Planning a two-day tour, but do not know where to start? Then this article will reveal to you the secret of exploring several cities in two days. After reading the article, you will have an idea about all the sights of Georgia. More

All sights of Batumi

Batumi is the popular modern seaside resort and the main tourist center of modern Georgia is annually visited by hundreds of thousands of people from around the world. More

Georgian license plates

Do you know the features of license plates in Georgia? What are they made of? How many letters and numbers include, all this you will find in the article below. Follow the link and discover a lot of useful information. More

Crossing the border of Georgia, car rental abroad

It is quite possible to cross the border of Georgia on a rental car. How to do it? Hire-auto shares with you information on how to order this service and “get the go-ahead” at the exit. More

Taxi in Georgia

You prefer to travel with comfort and decide to order a taxi in Georgia? Are you sure it's worth doing? With what differences of the Georgian taxi service you will encounter and also, in which firm it is better to order a taxi, see below. More

3 days in Tbilisi

Spend three days exploring the sights and history of Tbilisi. If you do not know what to start with, this article will help you not to get lost in the diversity of attractions of the city. More

The nature of Adjara and the historical values of Imereti for 2 days

You can explore both the natural and historical places in just 2 days. See one of the most and scenic areas of Georgia - Adjara. More

The nature of Adjara and Imereti for 2 days

Today you can have a great time! Let's visit the scenic places in Adjara and Imereti. An active and beautiful holiday is waiting for you. More

Batumi, canyon and caves of Kutaisi for 2 days

Today we visit one of the most amazing natural attractions of Georgia - Gordy's canyon, and many other vonderfull places that was formed by the land of the Caucasus More

Kazbegi and Sighnaghi 2 day trip by car

2-day trip through the valleys of Kazetia to Kazbegi will allow you to deep into the world of Georgian nature. In the description there are indications of places in which you can have a meal on the road. More

Kazbegi and Telavi 2 day trip

Today we will go on a trip, which will give an allows to review most interesting natural sights. The journey takes 2 days. More

Batumi and Kutaisi 2 cities in 2 days

This route allows to review as much as possible two beautiful and original cities, which created tourist image of Georgia - Batumi and Kutaisi. The tour lasts two days. More

We travel to Kazbegi and Kutaisi, a trip for 2 days

Let us introduce our new travel program for 2 days, where you can choose the priorities of the trip. We tried to draw a route for two cases: in the priority of visiting the miracles of nature and sightseeing of historical places. More

2 days journey to Kazbegi, Borjomi and Akhaltsikhe

In order to have time to visit three cities in just 2 days, you need a verified plan. Our journey starts early morning and takes full 2 days of walking and sightseeing. To learn more, click on the link. More

Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Gori and Uplistsikhe in 2 days

This is new route across Georgia. After leaving the capital, you can see many interesting places in a short time. In just two days, you can visit many historical and cultural attractions. More

Kutaisi, Mtskheta, Uplistsikhe, Gori 2 days toury

We suggest a new tried route for interesting leisure time in Georgia. Start your trip in Tbilisi, enjoy interesting sites and natural wonders of Kutaisi, antiquity of Uplistsikhe, note tampels and interesting sites of ancient capital of Georgia - Mtskheta. More

It is better to rent a car from a local company

While you arriving to a new country, you are probably looking for the office of a rental company, which you have heard enough about, which has an international representation. But is this choice always justified? Let's try to understand it with our article More

See Tbilisi independently for 2 days

Two days is the best time to fully enjoy the beautiful sights of Tbilisi. We can offer the best route, which in our experience won`t allow you to waste time and skip anything interesting. More

All of Kakheti, look for 2 days

To visit the South of Georgia and have time to pay attention to all the sights and local landscapes, you can use the route we compiled. If you follow it, you also do not have to make daily transfers from Tbilisi, which can last 2-3 hours. More

Borjomi, Akhaltsikhe and Vardzia for 2 days

This route will make it possible to more fruitfully explore the southern part of Georgia and enjoy a longer sightseeing, as well as not making daily transfers from Tbilisi with duration of 2-3 hours. If you decide that you can devote only 1 day to this area, look at our tour of Borjomi + Akhaltsikhe for 1 day. More

Kazbegi, Stepantsminda and Gudauri for 1 day from Tbilisi

Stepantsminda is a small village located at the foot of Kazbek in the very center of the Kazbegi municipality. It is famous for healing mineral springs, favorable climate and unique architectural and natural monuments. More

Mtskheta and Uplistsikhe for 1 day

Mtskheta is the former capital of Georgia, the unique ancient architecture of the medieval Caucasus. Uplistsikhe is a fortified city of the eastern Georgian kingdom of Kartli, carved in the rocks of the Kvernaki Range, on the left bank of the Kura River.  More

To Tbilisi for 1 day

Tbilisi is the biggest city in Georgia and its capital with population over 1 million people. It is located in the valley of the river Kura and surrounded on its three sides by mountains. About ancient history of the city speaks its architecture.  More

To Sighnaghi for 1 day

This tour is also more common as a two-day tour, but we are considering here only one-day tours, so the route is built taking into account one day. More

To Telavi for 1 day

Usually in Telavi people go for 2 days or more, but if have for this only one day, then this route is for you. The route includes most of the attractions to Telavi, a short time in the city and a return trip.  More

Look Borzhomi + Akhaltsikhe for 1 day

Usually this route is two-day route and it is combined with a trip to Vardzia after spending the night in Akhaltsikhe. If you are ready for a two-day route, please look it through the link, and if you only have 1 day, then use the information that we prepared for you and follow this schedule.  More

Transfers in Georgia: Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi and other cities

Despite the fact that the main profile of our company is renting a car without a driver, we carried quite a large number of professional drivers who can serve you at a very high level.  More

The cheapest car rent in Georgia

If you are going to visit Georgia in the off-season or preparing for the ski resorts in this wonderful country, then our offer will be interesting for you. We offer a special price for car rental under condition of early booking from October 16, 2017 to December 20, 2017.  More

What to see in Kazbegi. We go to Stepantsmindu

This material is about Kazbegi. This is one of the most popular tourist routes. 80% of tourists, who visit Tbilisi, necessarily go to Stepantsminda and Kazbegi, and in winter it is 100%, because there is also an excellent ski resort - Gudauri. More

Mobile communication in Georgia

We will devote this article to mobile operators, tariffs and how and what to choose for you, what tariffs to call, how to formalize a mobile operator's card. More

Adjarian cuisine, this should be tried

If you came to Georgia and decided to visit Adjara, for sure you will be at the restaurant, do not miss the chance and try the dishes of Adjara cuisine; it has its own peculiarities. More

National parks in Adjara

National parks in Georgia and Adjara are places where you can have a great time, join the wildlife and watch the Georgian flora and fauna. More

Mtirala National Park

Do you want to join the Georgian nature, spend time with health benefits and enjoy the real recreation of green tourism? Pay attention to the Mtirala National Park, which means a weeping mountain. More

Machahela National Park

This park is interesting for eco-tourists, nature lovers, active hikes. The park is not an amusement park with attractions or a park of walks, it is a natural recreational area. More

Kobuleti guarded area

A unique ecosystem with the highest humidity is an important environment for swamp birds. The world`s most unique sphagnum peatbog which plays a crucial role in regulating the regional and local climate.  More

Kintrish Guarded Area

The Kintrishi national park is famous for its unique nature. There are you can see a lot of rapid rivers and canyons. This unique nature place can present more than 1000 different plants.  More

What to do if you have an incident in Georgia

We exclude the occurrence of traffic accidents, in no way try to bring them closer or set you up for them, but if you read this article, in case of an incident, it will be easier for you to get in critical situation.  More

Rent a car in Georgia in autumn and winter at the lowest price

You want to see Georgia and of course drive through the most interesting places, and maybe your holiday will be connected with ski resorts, and you will arrive here in winter. It is an excellent option to spend time in Georgia.  More

A bottle of wine for punctuality

If you ordered a car in the period 08:00 – 09:59 am and arrived on time, you receive a gift from our company - a bottle of good Georgian wine or a discount equivalent to the cost of a bottle, if you are late or postponed arrival to our office - we drink wine for your score.  More

How cars are driven in Georgia

Often you can find the subject even in most forums on the internet about how awful cars are driven in Georgia, the local population, and who gave them a driver's license.  More

Additional insurance

If you do not want to leave a deposit or do not want to risk any amount if an accident occurs in Georgia, this article is for you.  More

Why I have to leave a deposit

If you do not understand why you have to leave deposit during car rent in Georgia, this article will be useful for you. More

Express service

While booking and getting a car, the standard question is how long it will take to receive the car if I book it. More

What to see in Batumi during one day

All day tours in Batumi you can visit during one day.  More

Car for a few days and a couple of hours

Do you want to rent a car at the incomplete day, but only offer payment per day 100%. Why? Is this true and is it possible to pay in less than a day, if you need to use the car for a few hours. Is it possible to take advantage of car rental in Georgia without a driver, hourly or make additional payment for half a day.  More

Attractions in Batumi

Visiting Batumi, we recommend paying attention to such attractions as well as a ride to Batumi neighborhood, to have a complete view of the city and Adjara.  More

Features of driving in Georgia

Arriving in Georgia, a large number of tourists willing to take advantage the car for rent.This is true, because there are so many interesting places , in Georgia that are worth seeing in time to at least partially see the country without a car in any way.  More

Parking cars in Georgia

Riding a car and the car parking is not a problem in Georgia. Pay Parking exists only in the 3 cities in Georgia at that moment. Free parking does not mean that you will not ask for money from the people in the parking vests (parking attendants).  More

How to get from the airport

You arrive to Georgia on the plane, but have no idea how to get from the airport to the city and most importantly, how to do it so and not to pay 2-3 prices. In this article we show all available modes of transport and how to get from the airport to the city using these transport facilities.  More

Discount for early booking

You plan your trip in advance? If yes, then you have a unique opportunity to save money, book a car in advance.  More

Rent a car in Kutaisi and the surrounding area

Where to go in Kutaisi and its surroundings, the most interesting places, plan a journey with us, let's go together. Book a rental car in Kutaisi and go with us to a wonderful trip to Georgia. Подробнее

Buses, trains, other vehicles in Georgia

How to get by bus, train, bus from Tbilisi to Batumi and back, how much it's worth, the place where you can go, the right price. What is more comfortable. We give advice, point out prices. Our article is written based on the experience of travel and movement.  More

Car Hire Low Cost

If you want to use our services, but not willing to pay the usual price, we are ready to offer the first low cost conditions on rental cars in Georgia  More

Visit McDonalds in Batumi

Modern architectural masterpiece - the building of McDonald's in Batumi, visit the building with hanging gardens. We have indicated the prices of basic food in McDonalds, you attach a price tag to July 2016. You can drive to the restaurant, to rent a car in our company.  More

Cost of food in a restaurant in Georgia

We took a car rental in Georgia, we offer you an article on the cost of meals in restaurants and cafes in Georgia, our article should help make your budget stay, so that you have planned not only our services, but also your nutrition budget. We will be very happy if our recommendations to help you.  More

Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, Mtskheta, Georgia

Georgia is a country with a rich Christian culture. Accordingly, there remained a lot of holy places, temples, monasteries. Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, Mtskheta fit for the visit of all the faithful and just to those who are interested in the sights of the country. More

Go to hell with discounts!

The best prices for car rental can be not only in the framework of promotional offers, as well as a consequence of an adequate pricing policy of the company. Find out why our regular price on car rental in Georgia, less promotional competitors. Read more

Car hire in Georgia without bail

Brief description: car rental in Georgia without Deposit, full insurance, the liability of the driver 0 for all cases – best insurance coverage, cheap. We offer any additional insurance packages for you on any budget and with any coating. If you don't like the risk, don't want surprises or just some unpleasant moments, it is necessary to order additional insurance coverage. Read more

Transport in cities of Georgia: Tbilisi and Batumi

Briefly: If you don't want to use the car and would use public transport, we give information about cost, types of transport, how to use, and that where it is cheaper to buy. We hope that our article will be useful for navigating the city and visiting all the interesting places. Read more

What to see in Tbilisi. The sights of the capital of Georgia

Tbilisi Sights, what to see, the most interesting places in Tbilisi, coordinates to maps and navigation. Where to go, how to plan a day to see. The old town and Avlabar Tbilisi, monuments, museums and historic sites, places of relaxation and recreation Read more

Return the car in another city for free

Take the car in one city and return in another. How much does this service? Take the car and return to Batumi to Tbilisi without any surcharges. In this article we indicate the cost of our services, and disclose its real value. Read more

The credibility of the company

If you want to rent a car in Georgia, but don't know if you can trust the company. We offer an article about trust us. You can find the information, maybe it will benefit you. We hope that the provided material will help you to decide when choosing a reliable partner in the field of car rental in Georgia. Read more

Advance payment for reservation

Book rent a car in Georgia, the advance payment for reservation, cancellation. In this article we publish all questions and answers regarding booking, payment, cancellation of the booking. If you have additional questions, we are happy to answer them. Read more

Car rental in Georgia, visit Sighnaghi

The old town has preserved ramparts and magnificent monastery, the town which is situated on the mountain ranges and that no one tourists go there because it just do not know these places. Car rental in Tbilisi will help you with transport, in order to get to this wonderful city. Read more

What to see in Mtskheta

Mtskheta is one of the oldest capitals of Georgia. The city is small but stands in a very picturesque place. A large number of tourists visit Mtskheta, as the city is only 20 km from Tbilisi, because this is one of the most interesting sights outside Tbilisi. Read more

Mestia, find Georgia using car rental service

Travel to the most beautiful mountains, the best of which can be only mountains. It can be reached by off-road vehicle, we offer these cars in sufficient quantities, and you can rent a car from us. Read more


Want to go skiing - choose Gudauri and rent a car in Georgia will help you with transport. Here is one of the best ski resorts and most importantly quite cheap. Read more

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