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Kakheti, Georgia Travel by car

Kakheti - one of the unspoiled regions of Georgia that fascinates for its nature, mountain air, hiking and car routes - all of this for you. Read more Kakheti Travel by car Georgia.

Travelling by car in Georgia. Where to go?

Choose car rental in Georgia and visit the best places in Georgia, for you the whole list of best places to visit, articles and photos of these places. Plan your route with the car rental. Read more about chooseing the best places for travelling by car in Georgia.

Rent a car Georgia in winter

On 5 January 2016 to Georgia came heavy snowfalls, many roads in the passes are closed due to the need to clear mountain roads. Our company gave to many people who have ordered rental car in Tbilisi and other cities SUV cars for safety. We propose very popular low cost off-road four-wheel drive cars for rent. More about rent a SUV in Georgia. Read more about rent a car Georgia in winter.

Rent a budget SUV

“Hire auto” car rental company in Georgia offers cheap SUVs for rent in Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi. If you come to Georgia and are going to ride on mountainous terrain and you need a car with four-wheel drive and the minimum comfortable conditions - order cheap rental SUVs in Georgia. Car rental from USD 27 per day. We offer the cheapest price in the whole of Georgia for this type of car. Read more about Rent a budget SUV

Rent a car for a family

Have you come to Georgia, arrived by plane, have you a large family? Of course, you want to travel, but you have a big family, because you are traveling with your wife and your children that are three and the parents of your wife, a total of 4 adults and 3 children. How to solve the problem, because your wife’s father does not really want to drive, you your wife have a license, but you would like to drive in the same car with all your family. For your purposes suitable only minivan. To order a taxi or tour becomes not profitable, because you would pay for seven person, and this is significant, even if the trip is worth some USD 20 per person, that's USD 140. Read more about Car Rental for a family in Georgia....

Rent a car in Georgia - Bakuriani

Welcome to Bakuriani - Ski resort in Georgia, located in the Borjomi district at an altitude of 1800 m surrounded by the Caucasus Mountains. How can get to Bakuriani? If you came to rest, the car rental in Georgia will be much more comfortable than go with transfers by public transport, and cheaper. Especially if you have arrived at the airport Kutaisi (340 km), Batumi Airport (580 km) or Tbilisi Airport (180 km), take a four-wheel drive jeep rental. Read more about Car Rental in Georgia....

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