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— boundaries beyond which entry forbidden
— boundaries beyond which leave allowed by prior agreement with the rental company
— roads with satisfactory coverage, the movement is possible on the car Offroad class in the summer months without rain
— roads to the lack of coverage of the banned movement
— roads with a good coating areas most frequented by tourists
— tourist places (cities, waterfalls, castles, monasteries, spas, monuments, hotels, etc.)

Come to most beautiful places in Georgia, use our rental fleet and visit all places of interest

1. Tbilisi – the capital of Georgia, with the population about one million people. The city is divided by Kura River into two parts. There is an old city and the new city. There are a parts for a minority neighborhoods in the city, such as Avlabari - old Armenian quarter.
Attractions: Citadel Narikala, stone church Anchiskhati, Metekhi Church, Sioni Cathedral and Sameba, a glass bridge over the Kura River, architectural landmarks: the building of Justice, the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (12 Regiment).
Coordinates Tbilisi - 41°43′00″ north latitude 44°48′00″ east longitude

2. Mtskheta – the first capital of Georgia, a small town, here come all the wedding. The city just a 30-40 minute drive from Tbilisi downtown.
Attractions: Svetitskhoveli Cathedral where the tunic of Jesus Christ, Armazskaya fortress, or rather its remains of the monastery Samtavro.
Coordinates - 41°51′00″ north latitude 44°43′00″ east longitude

3. Jvari - monastery and temple of VII century on Mount Armazi 13 kilometers from the old Georgian capital Mtskheta, near the river Aragvi and Kura, one of the first places recommended to visit.
Coordinates - 41°50′19″ north latitude 44°44′02″ east longitude

4. Uplistsikhe - 12 kilometers from Gori, on the banks of the Kura River is one of the rarest monuments in the world - ancient cave fortress city Uplistsikhe, carved into the volcanic rock ridge Kvernaki. Uplistsikhe includes more than 150 caves and cave structures.
Coordinates - 41°58′00″ north latitude 44°12′25″ east longitude

5. Gori - a small resort town with a population of 50 thousand people, located at the confluence of the rivers Kura and Liakhi Kartli in the picturesque valley. From the south and west of the city is surrounded by picturesque mountains.
Attractions: the main attraction of the town is the house-museum of Stalin, built in a marble sarcophagus with Stalin's statue in front of it, the city stands a huge multi-level medieval fortress Goristsihe. 12 km away from Gori in the village of Ateni is a temple Ateni Sioni Church, built in the beginning of VII century and is a cross-domed church, famous for its frescoes.
Coordinates - 41°58′00″ north latitude 44°06′00″ east longitude

6. Gudauri - ski resort (3006 meters) is located on the mountain Kudebi, the southern slope of the Greater Caucasus mountain range in the municipality of Stepantsminda, 120 km from Tbilisi. Here lies the ski village with hotels and guest houses. The ski season is from December to April, the average thickness of the snow cover in winter reaches 1.5 meters. Ski slopes equipped with lifts, lower station at an altitude of 1990 meters, and the top at an altitude of 3307 meters above sea level. By car you can get there by the Georgian Military Highway, about 2 hours.
Attractions: within a radius of 25-30 kilometers away Cross Pass (2395 m), Gergeti Trinity Monastery on the slopes of Mount Kazbek (5048 m), Truso Gorge, Daryal Gorge.
Coordinates - 42°29′05″ north latitude 44°29′06″ east longitude

7. Stepantsminda / Kazbegi - a picturesque village with a population about 1,850 people at the height of 1744 m above sea level in the resort area. It is 165 km away to Tbilisi and 43 km south of Vladikavkaz. Under the city is the river Terek, and above it rise the snow-capped peaks of the Caucasus, among which stands out Kazbek peak height of 5033 meters.
Attractions: House-Museum of Alexander Kazbegi, Church of the Holy Trinity in Gergeti, mineral water sources and a mineral water pool, routes for trekking and mountaineering, climbing to the top of Kazbek, walks to the glaciers.
Coordinates - 42°39′08″ north latitude 44°38′45″ east longitude

8. Telavi - Kakheti wine capital in the Alazan valley with a population of more than 20 thousand inhabitants, located on the northern slope Tsivi-Gombori ridge, at an altitude of 490 m above sea level, 70 km from Tbilisi. One of the places of shooting the famous Soviet film "Mimino" George Danelia at the airport, city streets and high-altitude site in the village Omalo.
Attractions: Fort VIII-XVIII centuries, huge 800-year-old plane tree (valuable ornamental plants used in city landscaping).
Coordinates: 41°55′00″ north latitude 45°29′00″ east longitude

9. Signagi - small, cozy, European town in the eastern part of Georgia, with its narrow, winding and steep cobbled streets, neighborhoods of one- and two-storey houses under the bright red-tiled roofs in the style of southern Italian classicism. Sighnaghi - a city fortress, located on a high hill in the center of the Alazani Valley in the historic Kakheti region with a population of about 2000 people. Walls Sighnaghi Fortress, one of the most famous and largest Georgian fortresses, miraculously survived and now surround the old part of town and go far beyond the city boundaries. The wall has 28 watchtowers, with a magnificent view of the Alazani Valley. Within 50 km from the Signagi is an ancient monastery Nekresi with the most delicious water in Georgia Gremi fortress, the two largest cities in the region of Kakheti Telavi and Kvareli, Lagodekhi Reserve and other attractions are examined, it is possible to go back to sleep in Sighnaghi.
Coordinates: 41°37′00″ north latitude 45°55′00″ east longitude

10. Bakuriani - a small urban village with a population of 2,400 people, which is located at the crossroads of the mountain ranges of the Lesser Caucasus, on the northern slope of the Trialeti Range, near the Borjomi gorge 180 kilometers west of Tbilisi. Borjomi is associated with the automobile and the narrow-gauge railway. Ski Resort, a small alpine village located at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level on the northern slope of the Trialeti Range and surrounded by mountains, green meadows and thick pine forests. The village is also famous by Borjomi mineral springs, originating from the tops of local mountains and the Botanical Garden of the Georgian Academy of Sciences.
Coordinates: 41°45′00″ north latitude 43°32′22″ east longitude

11. Borjomi - spa resort town in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region in the south-west of Georgia in the gorge of the Agura river, at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level. Special popularity the resort has received because of the mineral springs, the first mention of which was made in the 15th century. Borjomi is the end station of narrow-gauge railway Borjomi - Bakuriani.
Attractions: Palace of Russian tsars of the Romanovs - XVIII century, the House of Mirza Riza Khan - XIX century, Cableway, National Park.
Coordinates: 41°51′15″ north latitude 43°24′45″ east longitude

12. Vardzia - cave monastery complex of XII-XIII centuries in southern Georgia, Javakheti. An outstanding monument of medieval Georgian architecture. It located in Aspindza region of Samtskhe-Javakheti in the Kura River Valley about 100 km south of Borjomi town, near the eponymous village. Vardzia - is a real multi-storey complex with streets, tunnels and stairs leading past the monasteries, temples, fortresses, baths, libraries, residential and other buildings. In total more than 600 connected rooms passages, which stretched along the mountain in length by 800 meters in depth mountain 50 meters and a height of eight storeys. In the case of enemy attack the monastery became a refuge for civilians and could accommodate up to 20 000 people.
Coordinates: 41°22′22″ north latitude 43°15′27″ east longitude

13. Ninotsminda - a small town in southern Georgia, near the border with Armenia with population only about 6,000 people, the center of Ninotsminda in Javakheti, located near the lake Khanchali, 91 km from the railway station Akhaltsikhe Georgian Railway.
Attractions: Syromaslodelny factory, garment factory.
Coordinates: 41°15′57″ north latitude 43°35′20″ east longitude

14. Akhaltsikhe - a town in southern Georgia, the regional center of Akhaltsikhe district, the administrative center of the region of Samtskhe-Javakheti. Located on Potshovis-Tskali River (a tributary of the Kura), pass through the town on highways Batumi, Borjomi, Akhalkalaki. Railway Station Georgian Railway 52 km from Borjomi line Khashuri Vale.
Attractions: Rabati Castle as "Rabat fortress" - a medieval fortress founded in 1578, (coordinates: 41°23'40" north latitude 43°18'53" east longitude); Ahmediya Mosque - a historical and architectural monument of the XVI century with the status of cultural heritage located on the territory of the Akhaltsikhe fortress, (coordinates: 40°21′57″ north latitude 49°49′58″ east longitude); Church of the Epiphany of the Holy Cross - the temple of the Armenian Catholic Church. At 28 kilometers from the city abastumani resort.
Coordinates: 41°38′20″ north latitude 42°59′10″ east longitude

15. Kutaisi - the second largest and most important city in Georgia, has its own airport "Kopitnari" in 22 kilometers from the city. Kutaisi is situated at an altitude of 125-300 meters above sea level in the valley of the river Rioni in western Georgia, 220 kilometers from Tbilisi, 150 kilometers from Batumi and 100 km from Poti. It is the parliamentary capital of Georgia since 2012.
Attractions: The ruins Gegutski complex - the summer residence of the kings of the X-XI in the new building of the Parliament of Georgia; Bagrat Temple erected in the reign of Bagrat III as the main palace of the united Georgian kingdom (coordinates: 42°16′38″ north latitude 42°42′15″ east longitude); Gelati Monastery of the Virgin - the center of the church and cultural life, the residence of the Catholicos from the 2nd half of the XVI century until 1814, (coordinates: 42°17′40″ north latitude 42°46′05″ east longitude); Motsameta Monastery (Monastery of Saints David and Constantine) is 3 km from the town of Kutaisi, very close to the Gelati Monastery, but it separated from the canyon and a small mountain (coordinates: 42°16′55″ north latitude 42°45′33″ east longitude); Updated Reserve Sataplia founded over 75 years ago. The main three Reserve attractions - Hall with well-preserved dinosaur tracks found in the 30 years of the twentieth century, one of the residents of neighboring villages, karst cave (coordinates: 42°22′35″ north latitude 42°36′03″ east longitude) 10 km from Kutaisi, in the north-west and glass balcony - an observation deck on top of the mountain Sataplia (the highest point of the reserve).

16. ПPrometheus Cave (Cave Kumistavi, , Tskhaltubo Tskhaltubo cave or cave-GLIA) - karst cave a total of about 11 kilometers (accessible to visitors only 1060m.) On the west Georgia, near the town of Tskhaltubo. Weakly branched cave channel with a maximum height of the arch - 21 m and a clay floor, decorated sag.. Detection of July 15, 1983 the expedition, although the entrance to a large arch has long been known. Constant temperature in the cave at the level of 15-17 °C.
Coordinates: 42°22′36″ north latitude 42°59′10″ east longitude

17. Mestia - historic, cultural and religious center in Upper Svaneti with a population of 2,600, is located at an altitude of 1500 m above sea level, the southern slope of the Greater Caucasus at 128 km north-east of Zugdidi. Being the center of mountain tourism and mountaineering site begins with the ascent to the peaks of Ushba, Jangi-Tau and Shkhara. In late 2010, there was opened a ski resort, as well as the name of Queen Tamar Airport.
Attractions: Museum of History and Ethnography of the region; in the village Lanchvali Svan residential complex Margiani family; house-museum of the skier Boris Kakhiani; church of the Transfiguration of the IX century; Museum in the village of lags, where he lived the famous climber Michael Hergiani; Svan towers.
Coordinates: 43°02′43″ north latitude 42°43′46″ east longitude

18. Anaklia - resort village near Abkhazia, with a population of about 2700 people, located at an altitude of 30 meters above sea level at the mouth of the Inguri River, and is connected to the village of Ganmukhuri 540-meter bridge.
Attractions: ruined castle, the beginning of the XVIII century and the Church of the Georgian Church.
Coordinates: 42°24′22″ north latitude 41°35′29″ east longitude

19. Ureki - urban village in the Ozurgeti municipality. Here are the therapeutic magnetic sands, the concentration of one of the highest in the world. The city is located on the Black Sea, there are holiday homes and private villas.
Coordinates: 41°59′49″ north latitude 41°46′41″ east longitude

20. Kobuleti – a resort town located 20 kilometers from Batumi. Between Batumi and Kobuleti small picturesque pass. Kobuleti has a population of 20 thousand people, there are many small hotels, although the resort city of Batumi is inferior infrastructure.
Coordinates: 41°49′14″ north latitude 41°46′31″ east longitude

21. Batumi Botanical garden – a large botanical garden on an area of over 110 hectares, there are more than 5000 species of plants, it is near Batumi. The Botanical Garden has scenic terrace with views of the sea, to move within a better electric car, order a buyout is possible on site.
Coordinates: 41°41′58″ north latitude 41°43′01″ east longitude

22. Batumi – Georgia's main resort. Despite the fact that this is the southernmost point of the Black Sea coast of the ex USSR, there are a large amount of rains, in the summer. The city is represented by the old part, which is being restored and the new modern city with skyscrapers buildings. There is a huge scenic waterfront, and still is a solid plain, which is surrounded by mountain ranges.
Coordinates: 41°38′45″ north latitude 41°38′30″ east longitude

23. Waterfall Mahuntseti – is just 30 kilometers from Batumi, the height of the waterfall about 20 meters, here comes the strong cool even in the hottest month, and if you want to come here in the spring, take warm clothes. Here there is an old bridge over the river Acharistskali, the time of Queen Tamara, built in the XII century.
Coordinates: 41°34′28″ north latitude 41°51′31″ east longitude

24. Gonio Fortress – an ancient fortress of 5-7 centuries, was engaged by the Romans, as well as passed into the hands of other nations. At the fortress are ongoing excavations. So you can just come in Gonio, it is just 10 km from the Bautmi and 5 km from the Turkish border - the sea is much cleaner than in Batumi.
Coordinates: 41°34′23″ north latitude 41°34′25″ east longitude

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