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The first car rental in Georgia Low cost format

Have you been looking for a rental car in Georgia? It have to be inexpensive. The tourism today is not just the fashion it is a drug of the XXI century. The tourists are traveling with any budgets in various countries. The number of tourists looking for budget travel have been also raised in European and other countries that held a high level of salary.

Budget holidays have to be present in everything: in hotels, hostels, airlines, restaurants and car rentals. Budget flights have come to our life. There is for 50 euros only you can fly back and forth. You can spend a week in the hostel for 50 euros. How to travel without a car? No any! That is why budget rental are also popular.

We present the first budget rental in a low cost format, when the service includes only the basic parameters, and anything else you can order additional or no order at all.

What does low cost rental include:

  1. the car
  2. tire according to the season
  3. insurance
  4. the replacement vehicle
  5. taxes
  6. run mileage enough to travel 90%

What is optional:

  1. receive and drop off the car out of the office
  2. equipment: Navigation, child seats, camera ......
  3. no working hours service
  4. car wash upon returning
  5. unlimited mileage
  6. additional drivers

The conclusion is very simple, if I need these services - I pay more, and if they are not needed - it makes no sense to pay for them. You may hire a car at the option of "all inclusive", but in this case you have already paid for all services, many of which you simply do not need. On the one hand nice would not pay extra, the other - just count and you will see the difference.

With the service of low cost rental, you can choose a complete package of services you want. If you find it hard to do so - just enter your travel options and we do offer you the optimal conditions on a "cheap car"

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