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Go to hell with discounts - our prices begin where other stop their discounts

Are you promised to hire a car in Georgia, at a discounted price? You have seen the website link and the inscriptions on the "Best Price Guarantee". Are you offered additional discounts? Or maybe do you want free delivery of the car within the city or to the airport?

Forget about all the offers that you received. You will not find better prices than us. Our prices for car rental in Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi begin where has finished out discounts from competitors. Have you use the car for 19 GEL a day? Do you want to rent a car for 60 GEL for one day and not just a car, it is Mercedes!!! You can see on many posters inscription: car rental from 60 or 80 GEL, but the price you will be offered only if you rent a car for 30 days or more, we offer a car rental from 60 GEL for 1 day, and if you take the car to a than 3 days, the cost of rental cars in general is ridiculous.

Most tourists, rent a car for a period 7-8 days. Is it really to take the SUV in Georgia for 8 days for 48 GEL per day? Yes, this is possible in the Hire a car company.

We have a special offer for lease - namely, red price tag. You pay 100% of the rental car and get a car for rent in Georgia at a special price! More information about the action "Red price tag" you can see by clicking on the link

If you want a really good price for a rental car, please contact us!

We offer great deals on economy class cars, SUVs, mid-range cars, convertibles and luxury. All our customers are completely satisfied with our service.

Our prices are valid on the entire territory of Georgia: Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi. Book car.

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