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Additional insurance

If you want to rent a car in Georgia without deposit you will need to order additional insurance. Additional insurance will reduce or cancel the deductible (Deposit) that will allow you to have liability equal to zero or just reduced.

If you offer additional insurance, then immediately the question arises: car does not have insurance? All conditions about the car and insurance are listed under the terms of hire on our website, but this insurance with a deductible in the amount of your deposit. The insurance company does not pay an amount equal to your Deposit for a traffic accident. Insurance product for the company's of car rental is very expensive, as the risks and accident rates at these companies are very high. If you do not want deductibles, order additional insurance.

What is the reason to order an additional insurance?

  1. The absence or a reduced deductible for all incidents
  2. It is not necessary to leave a Deposit or to leave only for certain cases

The additional insurance packages that we offer:

  1. super – rent a car without deposit – responsibility for all risks is 0, the deposit is not necessary to leave. Just paid for insurance and paid for a rental car in Georgia – now in case of accident, just report to the police and to us.
  2. 50/50 – rent a car with 50% of the Deposit price liability in the amount of the reduced security Deposit for all occasions. If the Deposit for the car is 720 GEL, in this case, you get additional coverage and pay a Deposit in amount 360 GEL, the liability for any accident is equal to 360 GEL.
  3. 0 with deposit - use for the security Deposit liability 0 in all cases except stealing and full destruction of the car. In this case, the deposit is retained in the amount of 100%, but you buy additional insurance coverage and in case of accident, you will not suffer any kind of amount. What is the purpose of insurance and what is its meaning? The point is that it is the cheapest, but has a coating like that which is called "super", this insurance works in 99% of cases, that is, the complete destruction of the car – quite a rare event and theft in Georgia in General, almost science fiction.

The cost of additional insurance depends on your chosen package, the number of day and vehicle class. The price is in the range of 7.2 - 60 GEL for 1 day.

We suggest to use additional insurance packages if you do not want to worry for any cases and just enjoy the car rental in Georgia, nature and travel.

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