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The nature of Adjara and Imereti for 2 days

The trip is directed to picturesque places in Adjara and Imereti, a great time to drive, a dynamic and beautiful holiday is guaranteed on this trip.

First day

Start from the hotel in Batumi at 09 o'clock.

1. Batumi botanical garden - only 20 - 30 minutes by car and you are in a botanical garden, walks in the garden will take you 2 - 3 hours.

2. Stop near the supermarket and take food, drinks - 40 minutes.

3. Mahuntseti waterfall and bridge of the times of Tamara Queen - get there 40 - 50 minutes by car. There you have dinner in the open air, watch the bridge, watch the waterfall, spend 50 minutes - 1 hour 30 minutes.

4. On the way back you come to the winery with the restaurant, if you do not eat, then you can have a snack there - you spend there 30 minutes or 1 hour with a meal and back in Batumi - 30 minutes.

5. Do you not tired? Well, the fortress of Gonio, Sarpi and the Turkish border are waiting for you - visit these places, way from Batumi only 20 minutes, the stops are all delayed by 1.5 hours.

6. Spend the night in Batumi.

The second day - go to Kutaisi.

Departure from the hotel at 08 am, the road to the first stop is 3 hours.

1. Prometheus Cave - is beyond Kutaisi, a cave inspection (this is a large park) and exit from it through the underground river on a boat - 1,5 - 2 hours. We move on, up to 30 minutes on the road.

2. Reserve Sataplia - it is there that left traces of dinosaurs - walk here 1-1,5 hours.

3. Lunch at the restaurant - 1 hour.

4. Martvil canyon with boating - 2 hours.

5. Gordy Canyon - located in the valley of the Okace River, there is a pedestrian suspension bridge, about 1 km long and about 140 meters high above the precipice - get there 40 minutes and there you spend up to 1 hour.

6. Return to Batumi - 2 hours on the road, we stay overnight in Kutaisi or go to Tbilisi 3 - 3.5 hours.

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Usually, when the tourists have more time than the Kakheti and Telavi is also visited, and the travelers return to Tbilisi by the other road, but with such a shortened itinerary, the best option is to return by the same road.

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